Nano Clean # 1 Device Cleaner in the World – For Mobile /Touch /TV & All Devices – Cleans & Protect

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1. Latest Technology: Based on the latest technology in the field of Science – Nanotechnology.

2. Anti Static: It has Anti Static Property which upon application on the surface of the product repels dirt/ dust build up and stains.

3. Fortified with Gold Nano particles: Works forming a 3-5 nanometer invisible and breathable protective layer of Gold Nano Particles on the surface. Layer of Gold Nano Particles becomes integral part of the surface.

4. Layer of Gold Nano Particles acts like a barrier between the true surface of the Gadget/ device and the external environment. Therefore, Gold Nano Particles also facilitate easy removal of fingerprints from the surface.

5. Putting Nanotechnology in perspective: 1 mm = 1,000,000 nm, or in simple words, One NM = width of 1 human hair divided 60,000 times. That is, an average human hair is about 60,000 nm. Likewise, an A-4 paper sheet is about 100,000 nm. This layer is so thin that it can be seen only through an electron microscope. The width of the nano layer is 3-4 NM. That small it is! So nanotechnology is all about precision engineering.

6. Substantial Quantity: The 100 ml bottle is good for around 450-475 sprays and cleaning and protecting almost 200 sq ft. of area.

7. Longer lasting effect: Effect of each application/ usage lasts for around 8 weeks, under normal conditions. So, daily usage not required.

8. Wide Applications: Suitable for Laptops, Computers, Tablets, LED/ LCD Screens, Monitors, Palm tops, LCD/ LED TVs, HD TVs, Smart phones, Touch screens, Scanners, Gaming Consoles, Spectacles, etc.

9. Long shelf life: Shelf life of 5 years.

10. Value for Money: Value for money as it Saves Time, Cost and Effort.

11. Eco-Friendly: Water based, eco-friendly product which is good for the environment.

12. Quality: Third party Test certificates from World renowned laboratories confirm compliance to BS, OECD and European standards of REACH requirement.

13. Enhances Users’ experience: Due to its high technology architecture, enhances the users’ experience, while using their all important Gadgets and Devices.

14. Nokia India has mandated all its NPR and NCRs (Nokia Branded Retail Partners) to sell our Mobile/ Gadget Cleaner and also Protector from its retail outlets.

To sum all above – the outstanding benefits of the product are cleanliness, appearance, maintenance time, effectiveness of cleaning, durability and sustainability – economic and environmental both in a simple three step process.




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