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Terms & Conditions

This agreement contains the limited warranty and terms and conditions applicable to all Impact Systems products such as Personal Computer Systems, Notebooks, Servers, Components and Services. Please be certain to read the individual warranties for accessories contained in the shipping Basketons. You agree that this agreement applies to your purchase of the product, accessories and services after your limited gurantee expires, the remaining provisions of this agreement will continue to apply as stated under.

Impact Systems would not be liable should the customer order an incorrect product. We try to provide the technical specifications and manufacturers part number information so that the customer can choose the right product. Customers are also free to visit the manufacturers Website for compatibility and technical information before placing order on a product.

The customer has the liberty to choose the shipping method preferred at the time of placing order online. The shipping charges would be calculated based on the weight of the all the items ordered and the type of service chosen such as Fedex 2 day Economy, UPS Ground etc. The shipping cost is quoted along with the service selected on the Order / Invoice in the Shipping field.

Customers please note that the shipping costs are not refundable under any circumstances.  Customers are advised that our prices are updated daily, and are denoted on the website with the product. This is the final price at the time of purchase. We will not make a price adjustment should an order have already been shipped.

Please note that Promotional price may not be applied after an order is placed. To cancel an order you may by call in, and send an email to ensure the transaction is documented. Please note that the order cannot be cancelled without credit return authorisation number. Shipping costs are not refundable.  All returns for credit or exchange could be subjected to a 15% restocking fee and must be completed within 30 days from the invoice date. Most of our manufacturers simply do not allow opened non-defective items to be returned for credit or exchange.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

The following terms and conditions of sale apply to all contracts for the sale of all Products (“the Products”) by Impact Systems Technology Pty Ltd ACN 077 511 730 (hereafter referred to as Impact Systems) and its Customers (hereafter referred to as “the Customer”). The terms and conditions contained in any form, order or other writing of the Customer and which are at variance with or additional to these terms and conditions are not binding upon Impact Systems unless speci?cally accepted by Impact Systems in writing.

1. Payment

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment for products supplied shall be made in full by the Customer to Impact Systems without deduction or demand, within the approved term as advised by Impact Systems, or in the absence of a term approved by Impact Systems within (7) days from date of invoice. Any invoice for goods will also require the payment of sales tax unless and until the Customer establishes to the satisfaction of Impact Systems that the Customer enjoys current sales tax exemption.

2. Default In Payment

If the Customer defaults in payment to Impact Systems, then;

  1. all monies owing by the Customer to Impact Systems shall become due and payable forthwith without demand; and
  2. Impact Systems may, as its sole discretion, suspend the provision of credit to the Customer until all amounts owing by the Customer have been paid in full.
  3. If the customer fails to make payment to Impact Systems when due, Impact Systems may charge interest on the amount(s) due and owing, from the date it becomes due until the date of payment at the annual percentage rate equivalent to the rate prescribed from time to time pursuant to Section 94 of Supreme Court Act of New South Wales, 1970, or any subsequent amending legislation.
3. Delivery
  1. Products supplied by Impact Systems to the Customer will be at the Customer’s risk upon delivery to the Customer, or into Customer’s custody (whichever the sooner), and the Customer must insure the product thereafter against such risks as the Company reasonably requires.
  2. Impact Systems will not accept return of goods unless prior written approval has been given by Impact Systems in relation to same. where such goods are returned, those goods may be subject to a 15% restocking charge together with the cost of freight, which shall be at the expense of the Customer. No such returns can be accepted unless the invoice number is quoted prior to such return.
4. Retention of Title
  1. Title to the Products shall not pass to the Customer until and unless all monies due and payable by the Customer to Impact Systems have been paid in full.
  2. Until such time as the product has been paid in full and all other debts discharged by the Customer, the Customer must store the products at the Customer’s risk, in such a manner that they are readily distinguishable from other products owned by the Customer, or other persons and are clearly shown to be the property of Impact Systems.
  3. The Customer may sell the Products in the ordinary course of its business and the proceeds of such sales must be held in a separate manner or otherwise clearly identi?ed in the books and records of the Customer.
  4. The Customer shall permit Impact Systems to inspect the products, and the records and books of the Customer to the extent that they relate to Impact Systems.
  5. In the event that:
    1. the products are not paid in full within these terms and conditions of sale, or any other agreement between Impact Systems and the Customer, or
    2. the Customer receives notice of, or reasonably believes that a third person may attempt to levy execution against the Products or;
    3. the Customer makes, or proposes to make an arrangement with its creditors, or is placed under of?cial management, or petition is presented, or an application ?led for the winding up of the Customer, or the Customer ceases to trade, or the Customer (being a natural person) commits an act of bankruptcy;  then Impact
      Systems may at anytime, without notice enter any premises owned or occupied by the Customer where Impact Systems believes the Products may be stored and repossess the Products without being liable  for any damage caused and subsequently dispose of the Products at its  discretion. In the event that monies are recovered in full, the Customer  ceases to be liable to Impact Systems for payment for the products.
5. Delivery/Pick Ups
  1. The Customer shall, at their own expense, arrange collection of Products from Impact Systems’ premises. As an alternative Impact Systems at its sole discretion may make a physical delivery of Products to the customer, or to the Customer’s business address, delivery being at the Customer’s cost. The Customer shall be deemed to assume and shall be liable for loss or damage to Products from the time they are placed into the vehicle to transport them from Impact Systems’ premises.
  2. Every reasonable effort will be made by Impact Systems to make delivery of Products on the date requested by the Customer (if any). However, if Impact Systems by any reason, or circumstance including Impact Systems negligence, or breach of duty fails to deliver any Products, Impact Systems shall not be held liable to the Customer for any loss or damage which the Customer may suffer.
  3. Warranty Returns The Customer must obtain a Return Authority number (“RA” number) from Impact Systems and clearly mark goods with same.
    1. Impact Systems warranty and serial number labels must be clearly attached, as their removal voids warranty
    2. Unauthorised repair or upgrade voids warranty
    3. Products returned for repair remain the property of the Customer. These Products will be processed by the relevant manufacturer or Agent as soon as possible
    4. Products deemed to be non-functioning on receipt by the Customer must be received by Impact Systems within seven days of invoice date. Products not received by Impact Systems within seven days remain the liability of the customer
    5. Impact Systems will not be liable for any loss, whether material or not, of such goods
6. Applicable Law

The Customer hereby consents to the jurisdiction of the relevant New South Wales and Federal Laws for all actions which may be instituted against it for recovery of any amounts owing to Impact Systems.

7. Provision of Credit

The provision of credit/ or the continued provision by Impact Systems to the Customer from time to time, shall be in the absolute discretion of Impact Systems.

  1. Impact Systems may at its absolute discretion extend credit to the Customer or;
  2. may at any time vary or cancel the credit facility available to the Customer
  3. extend and/or continue to extend credit to the Customer subject to the provsion of security in a form acceptable to Impact Systems
8. Waiver

No relaxation or indulgence granted by Impact Systems to the Customer shall be deemed as a waiver of any rights of Impact Systems in terms of this agreement as such a relaxation or indulgence shall not be deemed a  novation of any terms and conditions of this agreement.

9. Severability

In the event that any part of these terms and conditions shall be deemed invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, such terms or conditions shall be severed from the remaining terms and conditions which shall continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.


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